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Important News from SAWS

An important message from SAWS.

Dear Property Manager or Irrigator:

We hope you are doing well and we thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

We are working to restore full service to the entire SAWS service area. In order to do that, we will need your help to shut off meters where there are major leaks at the businesses and homes that you service.

You can watch our video to see how to use the SAWS meter to check if you have a continuous leak, if you are not familiar with how to do so.

If you suspect a leak, shut off the main water service at the meter. See our How to Shut Off the Meter video. Hold the wrench vertically to avoid potential damage. The valve is closed when the holes in the tabs are aligned.  

We’re available to help if you or your customer have a large meter or are unable to shut off the water. Please email irrigationcheckup@saws.org with your phone number and address. For immediate assistance, call our Emergency Operations Center at 210-704-SAWS (7297).

Stay updated at saws.org/freeze.

San Antonio Water System

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