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2024 watering rule changes now in effect

The San Antonio City Council passed the proposed updates to the drought rules in Chapter 34 of the City Ordinance, including the new Stage 3 surcharge and non-compliance charge rates.

Fact sheet contains the major changes that occurred. Join us at the Monthly Membership meeting next month as Karen Guz, presents on watering rules.


  • The new watering hours of 5-10am and 9pm-midnight are in effect now.
  • Residents without an irrigation system can request a variance to water with hose-end sprinklers from 7-10pm by calling SAWS Conservation.
  • The City of San Antonio will announce activation of Stage 3 in the paper on Monday June 24, and Stage 3 will go into effect on Tuesday, June 25.
  • The Stage 3 surcharge and non-compliance charges on the bill will go into effect on July 6, 2024.
  • Residential locations with a rules violation between now and July 6 will be able to take the “defensive watering” education class online within 21 days to waive their citation fee. If the 21-day deadline passes, SAWS will file an affidavit at Court.
  • All violations on or after July 6 will be subject to the non-compliance charge on the bill.